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"Dress a Bobby" sculpting contest

From december 2017 to may 2018 Maow Miniatures launch its third sculpting competition

"Dress a Dolly". The challenge was to dress an anatomy sculpted by Maxime Girardot.

Kamil Milaniuk, with his "Judge Bobby "was chosen by a jury of 10 miniaturists..
Raphaël Banguet (Raphy) with his "Bobby Ranger" and Alessio Cisbani and his "Bobby Gladiator" complete the podium.

Here is a gallery consisting of 31 versions of Bobby. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge. Congratulations to all participants and see you soon for the next edition of "Dress a ...?"



La devise du chat: "Qu'importe ce que tu as fait, essaie toujours de faire croire que c'est la faute du chien!". [Jeff Valdez]